Barbados Language

Dude. We speak English. Sweet. Seriously, the official language of Barbados is English. But the people of Barbados, like almost every other country, have their own dialect. At some stage during your visit to the island, especially if it is your first visit, you will engage in a conversation with a Bajan (i.e., a Barbadian).

At some stage during said conversation, you will hear several words spoken in our Barbadian dialect. Desperation and confusion may descend upon you. Not unlike the feeling you get when you wake up on a Monday morning after a long weekend of heavy partying, err, socializing only to realize that you have to go to work.

Keep calm and carry on, my friend, for below is a list of frequently used Bajan words and a loose translation into English. Sort of.

 What it sounded likeWhat it probably meant
 Awrite / Arite Den Alright then / Alrighty Then
 Cah yuh Carry your (insert expletive here)
 Cyan (not the colour) Can't / Cannot
 Dat That
 Den Then
 Dere (not Bambi) There
 Ef / Eff If
 Fuh For
 Wunna All of you / You all
 Mekkin' sport You must be joking / kidding
 Mussy / Mussee Must be / He or She must be / You must be
 Rasshole Rasshole (a swear word)
 Shudda / Shoudda Should have / Should've
 Ting Thing
 Wuk Work
 I dun wuk It's quittin' time! / I'm finished working
 Dun Done
 Yea / Yeah Yes
 Yuh Your